Asset & Resource Management Holding Company Recruitment


Asset & Resource Management Holding Company Recruitment: Resource and Asset The board Holding Organization – Set up in 1994 as an advantage the board firm, ARM offers riches creation openings through a one of a kind mix of conventional resource the executives and elective venture administrations. We empower organizations to flourish, and help our customers to expand their profits and understand their most significant objectives.

Asset & Resource Management Holding Company Recruitment.

We are selecting to fill the accompanying positions beneath:

Employment Title: Foreman, Data Security and IT Hazard The board

Area: Ikoyi, Lagos

Employment Objective(s)

In charge of dealing with the IT Hazard work through the distinguishing proof of potential vulnerabilities and holes in security controls, and proposal/execution of suitable data security prerequisites, arrangements, practices, and principles over the association to guarantee classification, uprightness and accessibility of authoritative information.

Obligations and Duties

Partner The board: Proactively try to manufacture commonly advantageous, and confiding involved with inner partners – particularly customer works, and comprehend their hazard scene, with the point of conveying operational effect.

IT Hazard The board Structure: Keeps up and authorizes the framework chance administration and data security chance administration system/strategy.

Create IT Hazard Measurements: Structure significant hazard measurements to empower senior administration to settle on hazard based choices and help with the advancement and the executives of arrangements, gauges, rules and preparing.

Arrange IT Hazard Evaluations: Oversee or facilitate exercises supporting venture wide IT innovation reviews and hazard appraisals. This incorporates occasional control testing endeavors, just as working with inside and outer examiners.

Oversee Client Access Rights: Behaviors client access reviews to guarantee consistence with job based access and isolation of obligations.

IT Hazard Strategies: Screens consistence with data security arrangements. Viably imparts and reports infringement, clashes and worries to senior administration. The Position Holder is likewise in charge of the improvement of association wide data security consistence strategies in accordance with administrative prerequisites.

Merchant The board: Create data security hazard appraisal audit as a major aspect of the agreement reestablishment process for sellers, and directions the hazard evaluation and data security survey for every new seller.

Digital Security: Performs techniques to guarantee the security of data frameworks resources and to ensure them against purposeful or coincidental access or annihilation. In charge of building up an Occurrence Reaction The board Plan and preparing Episode Reaction Group. The Position Holder is additionally in charge of overseeing activity designs in light of data security chance evaluation, tracks status and reports to Senior IT The executives.

Bolster Group’s Advancement: Give exhortation, direction and help to less experienced associates as required.


Least of 9 years of work involvement

Four year certification from a certify college

Proficient confirmation in IT chance from a perceived proficient body (for example CISA, CISSP, CGRISC e.t.c).

Application Shutting Date

Not Determined.

The most effective method to Apply

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Employment Title: Head, Budgetary Warning

Area: Ikoyi, Lagos

Employment Objective(s)

The Position Holder is in charge of driving arrangement start, and conveyance of budgetary warning administrations to customer base on different complex assignments identifying with mergers and acquisitions, obligation rebuilding and renegotiating, the board purchase outs/purchase ins, bond issuance, beginning open offers and offer re-issuance and so on.

Obligations and Duties

Business Methodology: Characterize and execute the organization’s business system in accordance with conditions in its working condition and driving the usage of key activities that continue/improve the organization’s upper hand inside its working condition.

Relationship Building: Impacts key partners and oversees ‘high esteem’ connections at a key dimension to recognize and assemble associations with accomplices and partners to help long haul business improvement.

Arrangement Beginning: Lead the start of new arrangements/exchanges by proactively attempting to set up the organization’s believability as a venture accomplice, forcefully pitching imminent customers to create leads, and overseeing associations with delegates.

Exchange System: In charge of generally technique of an exchange, including arrangements, customer association, and the board of documentation.

Arrangement Execution: In charge of driving the execution of obtained exchanges from guaranteeing intensive due perseverance, assessment of money related, expense, and lawful dangers; seeing genuine expense of consistence, evaluating equitable estimation of advantages and liabilities; and deciding possibility of marketable strategy given projections, and accessible assets.

Obligation Rebuilding: In charge of helping customers improve business income, and maintain a strategic distance from budgetary pain, by interfacing with monetary foundations to arrange the rebuilding and/or renegotiating of customers’ obligation commitments, in order to permit them proceed with business tasks.

Budgetary Demonstrating: Directs the readiness of theoretical models speaking to (conceivable) true money related models to help basic leadership by key partners on business valuations, situation arranging, capital planning, fiscal report investigation, and venture account.

Customer Warning: Go about as prepared guide to customers, giving autonomous assessment on complex money related exchanges and situations, for example, mergers and acquisitions, obligation rebuilding and renegotiating, the board purchase outs/purchase ins, security issuance, beginning open offers and offer re-issuance and so on.

Research: Regulate the planning of broad valuation and evaluating investigations to help company’s money related warning exercises.

Supports Group’s Advancement: Gives exhortation, direction and help to less experienced associates as required.


Least of 15 years of related experience spreading over corporate banking and/or capital market tasks, with in any event 5-7 years in position of authority.

Four year college education from authorize college.

MBA or other propelled degree in account.

Important expert capability (for example CFA or comparable expert capability).

Application Shutting Date

Not Determined.

Instructions to Apply

Intrigued and qualified hopefuls should:

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Employment Title: E-Learning Officer

Area: Ikoyi, Lagos

Employment Outline

To advance development in the utilization of e-learning and the board all through the educational programs and association. To guarantee e-learning instruments are successfully overseen and produce powerful outcomes

Foremost Obligations and Duties

Consolidate e-learning techniques and activities related to information the board

To offer help to all staff in the utilization of innovations, e-modules and learning materials

Surveys inner educational programs to evaluate their potential for on-line conveyance

Educate supervisors on which zones regarding the educational modules can be updated/improved utilizing e-learning

Liaise with gathering IT to furnish fundamental mechanical help concerning equipment and different gadgets important for e-learning

Lead preparing on utilization of gateway

Give upkeep and the executives administrations to the entry and learning design

Changes over standard course material to on-line e-learning position – including storyboarding, amusements and intelligent plan, realistic creativity, recordings, web interface and composing

Creates instructional material (self-managed and teacher drove), arranges, composes and alters instructive substance and joins current innovation for instructors creating explicit educational program. Guarantees compelling plan, advancement and testing of instructional materials dependent on educational programs

Assesses and affirms learning targets related to preparing examiner

Structures and creates supporting associates for print, homeroom and hands on preparing materials related to preparing investigator and in accordance with educational programs

Creates application preparing explicit to instructional substance for electronic preparing materials.

Works with gateway host organization to guarantee quality and powerful foundation and facilitating support

Gives innovative web reports after every e-picking up preparing program for example charts on progress rate, mean and normal scores in the class

Keeps up information and uprightness standards and procedures for the Foundation entrance, for example, course depictions, course or class changes and outer teachers

Works with preparing expert to guarantee legitimate set up and framework support for complex learning exercises inside the entry

Every day Exercises:

Give every day providing details regarding electronic preparing movement and finish, understudy use following and educator drove preparing fulfillments

Every day upkeep and the executives of Foundation entryway

Specialized and media backing to all staff in the utilization of the entryway for preparing, appraisals and examinations

Research on momentum pattern in mechanical framework to help e-learning. Makes model of online interfaces and e-learning items

Convert specialized data to effectively justifiable language on the Foundation entry

Re-view, revise and alter preparing content for exchange into e-learning position related to educational programs improvement administrator

Guarantee understudy information segment of entryway is precisely filled once a day


A First Degree or comparable in mechanical industry

Least multi year post capability

Application Shutting Date

Not Determined.

The most effective method to Apply

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Occupation Title: Speculation Exploration Examiner

Area: Ikoyi, Lagos

Occupation Objective(s)

The Position Holder is in charge of performing examination, and investigation on values, and other capital market instruments in target markets and ventures, so as to give educated research notes, and proposals to support chiefs and help them in the speculation procedure, through the utilization of critical thinking mastery and an expansive information of the capital market to decipher information into important suggestions effectively.

Obligations and Duties

Research: Embrace inquire about on different classes of security instruments, industry and friends information, influence on research to create research reports and distributions, and give proposals to help both inner groups (for example customer relations, and restrictive exchanging work areas), and the organization’s demographic (retail and institutional) in settling on venture choices.

Macroeconomic Examination: Attempt investigation, and understanding into the effect of different key ecological drivers, for example, showcase/industry patterns, geographic patterns, socio-political components and so on target markets, enterprises, and organizations, with the point of better fitting suggestions and forecasts for basic leadership of target spectators.

Money related Demonstrating: information into restrictive budgetary models, to speak to both true monetary circumstances, and situations to shape reason for research notes, and exhortation to direct the viable basic leadership of both inward groups, and outside customer base.

Portfolio Checking: Perform dynamic observation, and broad examination of speculation portfolios to distinguish patterns, and make suggestions to both inner groups, and the organization’s demographic with the point of driving their compelling basic leadership in streamlining the exhibition of said portfolios.

Bolster Business Improvement Exercises: Effectively add to examine materials for reasons for making attempts to close the deal to both existing and planned customers, just as interior groups.

Keep up exceptional information of industry happenings and recent developments.

Lead essential research from industry sources

Assume liability for the inclusion of market segments and areas

Make normal introductions to inward and outside customers

Build up extra quantitative and investigative devices to improve security determination and portfolio the executives.

Perform dynamic reconnaissance of portfolio property to distinguish patterns and make suggestions.


Least of 3-5 years of related involvement in comparable job.

Four year certification from licensed college.

MBA or other propelled degree in money.

Pertinent expert capabilities in fund, and venture the board (for example CIS, CFA, ACCA).

Application Shutting Date

Not Indicated.

Step by step instructions to Apply

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Occupation Title: Head, Venture The board

Area: Ikoyi, Lagos

Employment Objective(s)

The Position Holder is in charge of giving authority to the venture the executives capacity of the organization, by adding to the plan of speculation systems, item advancement and procedure improvement activities; keep up inclusion of relegated inquire about duties; guaranteeing effective exchange execution, portfolio organization and exchange handling; supporting Essential Portfolio Chiefs, and keeping up optional duty regarding resource portfolio. Notwithstanding the prior, the Position Holder would be required to broadly work together with the organization’s Overseeing Executive and Top managerial staff to set up long-go objectives, systems, plans and arrangements.

Create Methodology and Procedures: Produce and actualize a manual of strategies and procedures for all venture related exercises.

Exchange Execution: Exchange execution, including assemblage and dispersal of endorsed portfolio exchange requests to counterparties. The Position Holder is additionally in charge of guaranteeing proficient and exact posting of portfolio and exchange information.

Individuals The executives: In charge of driving and continuing key individuals the executives rehearses that help the association’s capacity to accomplish its corporate targets through ideal ability resourcing, worker commitment, ability the executives, and individuals improvement.

Obligations and Duties

Partner Commitment: Manufacture worthwhile connections over the firm, just as with key leaders in associations in which ARM either as of now has a current relationship, or are in the association’s customer pipeline, so as to help the development of the company’s customer base and Resources Under Administration (AUM), just as its long haul business development. The Position Holder is additionally required to sit on the official, venture and common subsidizes boards of trustees of the association.

Speculation Technique: Dynamic commitment to the advancement and usage of procedures to improve the portfolio the executives work. The Position Holder is additionally in charge of the usage of concurred venture methodologies and activity designs, and guaranteeing adherence to speculation orders and customer profiles.

Statistical surveying and Examination: Leads statistical surveying and investigation endeavors into revealing both worldwide and nearby macroeconomic patterns, broad investigation into different money related instruments, and top to bottom audit of generally traded on an open market organizations, so as to comprehend current patterns, and estimate future execution, with the point of applying this information to dealing with the association’s

Oversee Portfolio Execution: Create portfolio execution benchmarks and targets dependent on verifiable market data on a yearly premise, or at some other recurrence interim mentioned.

Audit Speculation Proposition: Survey recommendations for interest in cited values, securities, and currency showcase protections.

Plan finances the board recommendations to present and imminent customers.

Resource Designation: Audit consistently, the benefit distribution of common assets to guarantee consistence with the trust deeds.

Individuals The board: In charge of driving and continuing vital individuals the executives rehearses that help the association’s capacity to accomplish its corporate goals through ideal ability resourcing, representative commitment, ability the executives, and individuals improvement.


Least of 12 – 15 years of work involvement in comparable job.

Four year college education from a licensed college.

Proficient confirmation in fund and additionally bookkeeping from a perceived proficient body (for example CFA, CGMA, ACCA, ICAN and so on.

Application Shutting Date

Not Indicated.

Instructions to Apply

Intrigued and qualified hopefuls should:

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