How to Write an Outstanding Cover Letter


How to Write an Outstanding Cover Letter : A cover letter is said to be a one-page or rather single paged “application” letter that an applicant attach to their job application for an employment opportunity.

A cover letter is supposed to be included in all your job application except in cases where the recruiter indicates in their job requirements that you shouldn’t bother sending your cover letter.

Before we move on, let’s see the essentials of writing a cover letter for that job.

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Essentials of a Cover letter

The following indicates the purpose of writing a cover letter;

  • introduction of the applicant
  • indicate clearly the job position you sort for. This should clearly state the vacancy title for the post you are applying for.
  • include all your skills and relevant experiences that fits the job you’re applying for.
  • always refer the employer/recruiter to have a check on your resume / curriculum vitae.
  • summon your prospective employer for an interview before conclusion.


What is the Best length that a cover letter should be?

This should always be short!. A cover letter should always remain short and concise. Your cover letter is the summary of your curriculum vitae so don’t exceed a page of it.

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A cover Letter should match the job you need

While writing a cover letter for that job, it is expected that you make it relative to the job you need. This should include your experiences and skills. You should always write a fresh cover letter for every job you apply for.

Be specific about your skills and indicate why you are fit for the job. This skills should match the company’s requirements / demand for the job you are applying for. Below are few examples to make your cover letter very specific and concise.

1. Get the correct address of your prospective employer

Avoid addressing a cover letter with ‘To whom it may concern’. Try as possible to know the name of the person in-charge of applications or whether its a male or female and include their names appropriately in your cover letter.

If you found the task in an advert, it’ll in all probability name someone to send the appliance to. If it doesn’t, decision the leader or adman and raise World Health Organization to send the appliance to. Email them if you don’t find a phone number to call.

After you must have gotten the person’s name, do not use their forename. Use either ‘Mr.’ , “Mrs.” or ‘Ms’ and their name instead.

2. Know more about the job you seek for.

While writing a cover letter, it is expected that you know critically about the job you seek for. After you must have gotten the correct address of your prospective employer, go ahead and ask them questions relatively to the job advertised.

Some of these questions include;

  • Please, if I get this job, who would I report to?
  • Is the job involve working as a team?
  • Can you please tell me more about the personal requirements for this job?
  • Is there a position more detailed job description I can look at? (Please ask only if there’s no job position)

Surely, the employer should respond to your questions and after then, note carefully the answers and use them in your cover letter. Also, in your resume.

3. Know more about the company.

Knowing more about the company you wish to apply for is key to a successful cover letter. Visit the company’s website specifically the “About us” section, search for more information about the company online, call the recruiting agency to know more about the company. This alone will boost your chances of getting the job you sort for.

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What a cover letter is supposed to have.

In order to write an outstanding cover letter, you should include the following details carefully and avoid mistakes.

  1. Your full-name and contact information
  2. Write the name, address and position of the person you are applying to.
  3. Write the job position you are applying for.
  4. Clear and relevant list of your personal skills and experiences
  5. Summarize why you are the best fit for the job
  6. Speak the same language as your prospective employer
  7. Request for a call-back from your employer

What you should avoid while writing an outstanding cover letter.

While writing your cover letter, try as much as to avoid the following in order to win your employer’s heart.

  1. Avoid strictly mistakes and typos
  2. Adding all your resume information to your cover letter
  3. Using phrases like “I”, “I believe”, “I know” too much in your cover letter
  4. Mentioning your other job applications.

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Conclusion on “How to Write an Outstanding Cover Letter”

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