Step by Step Guide How to Apply for Kuwait Visa


Step by Step Guide How to Apply for Kuwait Visa: Use our easy guide and learn how to apply for a Kuwait visa. I’m aware you might be curious to know the right procedures on how to apply for Kuwait Visa application form.

It is very interesting to pay a visit to attraction centres like the Grand Mosque, Sharq Mall and Souq Al Mubarakiya.

Nigerian passport holders are to go to get enrolled for Kuwait so as to get a visit visa, you need to be sponsored by a Kuwait company or relative that’s a distant resident within the country.

Please check your eligibility before starting the applying method, and submitting your application well prior to of flight departure.

Please note this method is applicable to Nigerian passport holders.

Types of Kuwait Visa

There are three (3) types of Kuwait Visa. They comprises of the Kuwait Visit Visa, Kuwait Multiple Entry Visit Visa and Transit Visa. I’ll briefly explain them for better understanding.

Kuwait Visit Visa

This visa should be sponsored by a Kuwaiti company or by a relative that’s a politician resident in Kuwait. There area unit 2 kinds of visit visas, particularly the visit visa for business and therefore the visit visa for relatives. The Kuwait visit visas area unit valid for entry at intervals ninety days of issue. you’re allowed to remain in Kuwait for up to thirty days when entry.

Kuwait Multiple Entry Visit Visa

With a Kuwait multiple entry visit visa, you’re able to enter Kuwait as again and again as you wish to inside a annual amount. This visa is usually recommended for business-sponsored foreigners. However, the sponsor should be the Ministry of Defense.

Kuwait Transit Visa

The transit visa is issued to those that would like to withstand Kuwait to a different country. The transit visa is valid for seven days from the date of issue. you need to offer a visa to your finish destination before the transit visa are issued. The transit visa may be obtained from the port authority in Kuwait or from its diplomatic building abroad.

Kuwait Visa Application Processing Time Frame.

Once all of your documents meet the requirements, as well as medical results and certificates, the interval for a Kuwait visit visa is about 2 operating days. it’s doable for hotels to act as a sponsor to rearrange a visit visa, this method can take around seven days.

Cost of Visa Application.

Kuwait Visit Visa only cost about KD3 (₦3,547). The visa charge should be remitted in cash at the Kuwait Embassy in FCT – Abuja.

What Are the Requirements to Apply for Kuwait Visa Form?

To apply for Kuwait visa, the following are requirements needed to grant you entry;

  1. A completed visa application form, along with the necessary declaration
  2. A valid passport
  3. 1 x Copy of passport
  4. 2 x Passport photos
  5. Original valid resident visa and one copy (for foreign national sponsors)
  6. Latest bank statement (including one copy)
  7. Issued police clearance
  8. Travel health insurance confirmation letter stating coverage
  9. Reference letter from your employer or educational institution
  10. Original health certificate stamped by a medical doctor certifying that you are in good health and free from contagious diseases. In addition to the health certificate, you must provide negative lab results for HIV (AIDS test), hepatitis B and C, malaria, filariasis, syphilis and a chest X-Ray for tuberculosis.

Other Documents Required for Visit Visa for Business

  1. You’ll be required a Kuwait Visit Visa application form and a security form filled out by the sponsor
  2. Registered Sponsor’s signature for business purposes
  3. Registered sponsor’s letter of invitation for the business, stating the purpose of the visit to Kuwait


Step by Step Guide How to Apply for Kuwait Visa.

To apply for Kuwait visa, kindly follow the right procedures on how to apply for Kuwait Visa application form as shown below;

  • Fax a copy of your passport to the Kuwait sponsor.
  • The Kuwait sponsor should visit the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait to commence the visa process.
  • At the point where you’re being granted the visa at the Ministry of Interior, the sponsor can fax a copy of the visa to you.
  • Process your visa and stamp your passport photograph at the Kuwait Embassy in FCT – Abuja.
  • After getting this done in Abuja embassy, you’re to proceed for payment of visa fee and get your passport stamped.
  • Obtain the original visa, at the airport, upon entering the country.
  • You will need your original documents to retrieve your original visa at the Immigrations area.


How to Get Your Visa.

Your sponsor will fax you a replica of the visa to alter you to enter Kuwait. Once you gain the landing field, you want to collect the initial visa papers at the Immigration space, to permit you entry into the country.

Kuwait Embassy, Abuja

Address: 24 Yedseram Street, Maitama, Abuja
Contact: 0807 774 4222
Business Hours: Monday to Friday – 09:00-12:00

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