Perfect CV Guide for Young Graduates : Everything You Need To Know


Perfect CV Guide for Young Graduates : Everything You Need To Know: One of the most difficult things to do for young graduates is “Writing a good CV”. Often time, young graduate CVs are not well structured as such employers find it difficult to make meaning from such CVs thereby making them not place a call to such candidates for any possible employment opportunity.

Your CV as a young graduate is the first contact point between you and potential employers. This means getting a call from any potential employer is most time largely dependent on your CV (all things being equal). So, it is important for you as a young/fresh graduate to make research on how to get a well written CV.

Everything You Need To Know How to Write Perfect CV Guide for Young Graduates.

Here are some tips to help you design First CV as a young graduate:

Put forward your strength

This may place you ahead of the competition. Capitalize on what is most impressive about you – your degree, technical abilities and any accomplishment. For example, if as a technical student you were able to design a workable program or machine or if you can use pivot tables, macros or v-lookups in Excel (one of the most important pieces of software across all job sectors), put it on your CV. Also, you it will be helpful to include your most important extra curricula activities. Remember! Do not to be complacent about it.

Above all, be honest. You want to present the most professional version of yourself in job applications, but you don’t want to lie because you will get caught out at the interview stage.

Focus on the Future

Without a work history in the past, your hopes and plans for the future are the next best thing. This is where the goals and objectives section of your CV comes into play. Use this area to talk about what you hope to achieve in your career and how that can help your prospective employer. A fresh graduate CV really needs to include this section. Do not be afraid to infuse your CV with your own personality; it helps set you apart from the dozens of other applicants you are likely competing with.

Highlight Your Education

The fresh graduate CV naturally focuses on education, because at this point in your life, education is your greatest asset. Where applicable, address specific topics, knowledge and both classroom and life experiences that have given you the education that led you to apply for this job. Elective high school courses, if they are very career specific, can be included here as well.

How to Write Perfect CV in the Right Order.

The order of your CV is important – I cant stress it enough. The most important aspects of your CV should be on the first page. You’ll want to catch a recruiter or an employer’s eye early on to entice them to read the rest. See below order:

  • Personal contact information
  • Career Objective/Profile (optional)
  • Qualifications summary
  • Education (degree, major, special training)
  • Professional affiliations
  • Relevant paid or unpaid work experience
  • Special competencies/skills
  • Interests (optional)
  • References

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CV Presentation is Everything

Last but not least, we can often focus so much on making sure the content is right, that we forget the most obvious of rules. Your CV needs to look good as well as sound good. The top three things that turn off employers is bad grammar, spelling mistakes and poor formatting. Take advantage of simple online templates or even use your own creativity – just remember to have a fresh pair of eyes look at it before you send it out.

There’s nothing to be afraid of when writing your first CV – it is ultimately all about you, and you know yourself best. If you get through to an interview my best advice is to be professional but more importantly be yourself. Enthusiasm and a keenness to learn are always attractive. Everyone knows a story about a person with the perfect grades that didn’t get the job because they lacked personality, so make sure you bring that to the table too.

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